HOME JOURNAL April 15 No.146

          When interior designer Roddy Murray stepped into this Pok Fu Lam apartment for the first time six years ago, he knew that he had found something special. He was greeted by a series of generously proportioned rooms across over 2,000sqft, and a stunning sea panorama along one side of the apartment. But he envisioned even better. “I had no qualms whatsoever about ripping everything out and starting again,” he says.

          Roddy’s first priority was to open up the view. He installed new floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors in the living room, and replaced the original metal balcony with clear glass. Spectacular water views now comprise the left side of the light-filled open plan living and dining area, with the balcony no longer an obstruction. Furniture is oriented towards the windows, making the ocean views the rightful and undisputed centre of attention.

          The designer chose a muted colour palette for the living area to subtly highlight the blues, greys and wood tones outside. These are all referenced in the hues of a large, centrally placed carpet with a geometric design, chosen from Roddy’s own Boxer Rugs collection. Touches of bronze, brass and small ceramic ornaments in blues, whites and earth tones add texture and contrast.

          However this is just one of various incarnations. The designer reinvents the lounge area about every two years, most recently transforming it from a landscape of stainless steel and black. “Every time l change it, it changes my perception of the space,” he says.

          The dining area takes on a darker and more oriental character. An angular dark wood table and a set of pale grey and metal chairs stand on richly coloured from Istanbul.  An ornately carved sideboard, bought Chiang Mai, adds drama to the rear wall while offering practical storage space.

          A spacious modern kitchen in shades of soft white and grey is accessed to the right of the dining room, while a simple white-walled corridor leads to the bathrooms and bedrooms. Roddy transformed the original three bedrooms into a single master bedroom with a large adjoining walk-in wardrobe, and a study storage room that can serve as a guest room.

          The master bedroom is painted a dark but warm earthy grey, brightened by the light that filters through the windows and a large white-grey marble ensuite bathroom. Roddy doubled the bathroom’s original size, installing a folding wooden door to add texture and dispel any notion of bleakness. Relief from the dark walls also comes from the white headboard and white-framed photographs above the bed, which offer a serene yet cocooning effect. Roddy chose to use a darker colour in the bedroom as contrast to the light of the living area, he explains, but has since found that it brought other benefits. “When you paint walls a darker colour, you get amazingly good sleeps,” he says. “I don’t know why.”